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Approva’s integration with Mircosoft Office

August 28, 2007

For most of ERP vendors, one of the areas which makes the solution stands out is the usability. The application which provides the intuitive navigation and the seamless integration with information worker’s daily job, wins the competition.  I could not agree more on it. iPhone concept does work for ERP software.

Approva’s integration with Mircosoft Office is a good case study of Office Business Application (OBA) as it puts.  You can see how it integrates with Microsoft portal, Outlook and Excel.


Hawk Corp Incident and SME Opportunity

June 5, 2007
Did Hawk Fly Too High?

A formal investigation by the SEC appears to question whether the auto-parts maker was actually small enough to delay compliance with Section 404 of Sarbanes-Oxley. According to a filing issued Wednesday by Hawk, the SEC is apparently exploring whether or not various stock transactions might have affected the company’s claim that it qualified as a non-accelerated filer. (more…)

NEC Fraud and Segregation of Duties

June 5, 2007

Just came across an article on, which will make an easy case for the need of GRC software.

NEC  details major fraud
Fake orders resulted in $4 million in kickbacks. Meanwhile, internal investigations continue. (more…)