Accenture to invest $250M to expand technology consulting

Accenture said it will invest more than $250 million over the next three years to expand its technology consulting capabilities.

The investment is designed to address a strong increase in demand from clients for services an advice from technology -platform-independent services providers.

Specifically, the investment will focus on helping clients: develop IT strategies that deliver measurable business outcomes; standardize, virtualize and secure their IT infrastructures and applications; improve worker productivity; and implement new consumer-like, Web-based applications that tap into the potential of services-oriented architecture (SOA) and other newer technologies.

Among specific areas, one of them is to deal with issues from compliance requirements, such as risk management, application security…  * Highly specialized IT infrastructure and application security capabilities focused on helping organizations decrease risk, reduce costs, maintain business continuity, improve productivity and allow secure interaction with employees, business partners and customers through effective identity and access management; “The market for technology consulting services continues to grow at a steady pace as companies seek IT strategies to deal with a variety of issues ranging from compliance requirements to large and complex transformational initiatives,” said Curtis Price, program director at industry analyst firm IDC. “IDC believes that Accenture’s investment in technology consulting services is a perfect complement to the company’s deep industry knowledge and strong management consulting operations. The development of a comprehensive set of technology consulting solutions, combined with the market demand for independent services providers, will enable Accenture to expand its sphere of influence and drive a more strategic relationship with companies seeking to leverage IT to meet business objectives.”For the full story,


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