ERP Innovation is back!

ERP innovation market grew a lot in early 1990s, stagnant from late 1990s. Now it’s back! Good news for those in ERP industry.

Main growth areas I observed:

– on demand: model of hosted solution, virtual solution, software as service..

– usability: ease of use similar to web 2.0, collaborations among information workers for corss process and ad hoc functions

– lower cost of ownership: rapid implementation than customization, easy process to implement, upgrade and maintain, which is the major complaint about ERP software

– GRC: more automations in compliance, risk management

РBI: with new a twist in corporate performance management

Plus industry and SME opportunities. The combination of above areas create matrix of new innovations and opportunities. Would like to hear others if any other major areas of innovation worth mentioning..

According to Forrester’s research, this increase in innovation, along with continued midmarket and vertical specialization, plays a big part in Forrester’s projection that the ERP market will grow at 7% per year through 2011, from this year’s level of $30 billion.

As per Forrester, SAP and Microsoft area leading the innovations. Details:,289142,sid21_gci1260823,00.html?track=sy191


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